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Top Holiday Destinations in The UK


Discover the top 10 things to do in the UK. Comprised of England, Wales and Scotland, the UK has much to discover in its cosmopolitan cities, charming villages and spectacular scenery. Whether you are exploring castles and quaint villages throughout England and Wales or seeking Scotland’s whisky trail, you will be amazed at the diversity of these lands.




1. London

England, visit the Electric City of London where the history meets contemporary with beautiful historic sites and interesting museums plus shopping galore. Enjoy the villages in the Cotswold’s to take in the essence of English charm and explore the antique shops throughout the region. For those looking for nature and adventure, the Lake District will attract you with its scenic beauty and its crystal clear mountain lakes.

London, is a city of excitement with first-class hotel accommodations, dining, touring to historic sites and shopping at the world famous Harrods. The annual Chelsea Flower Show is popular, especially in spring.


2. Windsor Castle

Steeped in history, Windsor Castle perches proudly on a lush wooded hill overlooking the Thames. Dating back to Norman times with sweeping landscaped gardens and turreted brown tower, it’s easy to see why it’s the Queen's favorite weekend residence.


3. Stratford-upon-Avon

A market town with a difference, Stratford-upon-Avon is the famous home of arguably the world's greatest writer, William Shakespeare. Visit the picturesque half-timbered house where the legendary bird was born to gain fascinating insights into his childhood.


4. Oxford

Follow in the footsteps of oxford's outstanding students, from C. S Lewis to Bill Clinton, as you stroll a captivating college courtyard and cobbled lanes of this historic university town. Take to the famous dreamy spires and see the library. Oxford is one of the oldest universities in Europe. You’ll be captivated by the narrow unspoiled valleys and ancient squares of this naturally beautiful town.


5. Cotswolds

Enjoy views of the breathtaking countryside, sleepy villages. and bustling market towns as you drive through the charming scenery of one of England's most beautiful regions.


6. Lake District of England

Admire the spectacular views of Lake Windermere as you make your way through the narrow country lanes that crisscross the scenic landscape. Visit Hilltop, the home of Beatrix Potter and see the farming gardens. Continue to the medieval villages of Hoxsend, where you will be thrilled with its quaint alleyways.



Wales Boasts of 641 castles, three national parks and 750 miles of stunning coastline with three million people and eleven million sheep. All this magic is just two hours away from London, either by train or car.


7. Cardiff

Cardiff has a diverse population, with speakers of at least ninety-four languages. Of course, this means a vast variety of dining choices in addition to the city's attractions. We suggest visits to Cardiff Castle, the most successful fantasy castle of the 19th. The trip will prove its worthwhile if it is spiced with a stop at the National History Museum of St. Fagans. The museum is a large open-air museum housing dozens of original buildings from Welsh history.



Visit Glasgow and Edinburgh or Sterling, the gateway to the Highlands and site of so much of Scotland's history. See Inverness, on the mouth of the River Ness, not far from the home of Loch Ness monster. Explore Aberdeen and St. Andrews on the east coast, the lowlands, and the resort villages. Crown it up with a peek into the home of the clan Campbell, the Dukes of Argyll, which is probably the most traditional Scott's castle in the land.


8. The city of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle beckons you from its perch atop an extinct volcano. Follow the medieval tree fare of the Royal Mile, all the way to the Palace of Holyrood House, Queen Elizabeth’s royal residence in Scotland.


9. The Military Tattoo

Summer time is festival time with Art, music, history and books. There’s a festival for everyone. The famous Military Tattoo includes a Fringe Festival, arts and crafts fair and fireworks filling the night sky over the castle.


10. Whisky trail

Discover the secrets and stories behind the production of Scotland's national drink and share a wee dram with the locals.


11. The Isle of Skye

The beauty of the Isle of Skye is legendary, but there's much more to this magical place than just a pleasant vista. As well as being a Mecca for climbers and walkers, It offers a full range of activities from boat trips to bicycle hire and land sailing to quad biking. However, if you're looking to take things a bit easier, you can choose from the gentler activities available locally such as golf, fishing or perhaps kayaking. But whatever your passion, you are sure to find it here. Your very own paradise island on the west coast of Scotland.


From bustling cities to quaint villages, all the outdoor activities you can dream along with fine dining. The UK makes for an excellent destination to discover. You can customize your UK vacation, focusing on what is interesting and important to you. Maximize your time and enjoyment with the many unique itineraries.