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The way in which holiday makers and business travellers alike now research and book the places they wish to stay at when they are planning a trip away is changing.

With you now having the ability to compare the prices for a range of different types of accommodation quickly and easily there can be some huge savings to be made when you do compare the prices and facilities at a range of different venues.

The Compare Away website is dedicated to bringing you information on some of the best apartments, cottages, villa and caravans holidays, and we have a large range of different articles and guides that will certainly give you lots of pointers in regards to where you may wish to stay anywhere in the world.

However, getting the very best value is what everyone is looking to do these days and we have a comparison service also on offer on this website that will allow you to look up the type of holiday accommodation you are looking for and compare the e prices for that accommodation quickly and instantly.

It is worth remembering that you will have your own set of wants, demands and requirements from any type of holiday experience you wish to book and that is where our individual holiday guides will be of great use to use.

For we will be taking a look at the types and range of different holiday accommodation offered throughout the world which will be suitable to you and anyone else in your party. Please read on for an overview of some of the many different sections of this website that are going to allow you to locate and then book your perfect  holidays or a perfect place to stay if you are away on business.

Planning Your Vacation and Holiday

You should never leave anything to chance when you are planning your holiday, and to help you put together a well devised plan we have lots of informative guides, reviews and articles throughout this website that we just know you will find of interest, several of which are highlighted below for you.

Location – The very first thing that you will of course need to decide if you are planning a holiday away is where you would like to stay. The world is of course open to you when you are planning a holiday so always keep your options open in regards to the places you would like to visit.

However, having said that everyone is going to be looking or their own unique holidaying experience, and whilst some people like to have a holiday spent, mainly on the beach or at the side of the pool, some people prefer getting out and about exploring the local area.

In fact, some people want to party hard on their holiday and may be seeking out locations that have a very active nightlife. With at in mind please do have a look at our holiday destination guides as they will certain give you lots of food for thought!

Amenities – If you are travelling alone on your next holiday then you probably already know what you will be looking for by way of amenities at any place you are thinking of visiting, however if you are travelling as a group or with family members then you really should spend some time doing some research at to what by way of amenities will be available at your chosen destination.

You will find in our individual hotel and villa guides along with our individual resort guides and overview of what is being offered at each of those places by way of amenities.

However, keep in mind that you may need to pay extra for some of the amenities, and whilst some may be completely free of charge some will need paying for either on the spot or in advance when you book your holiday.

Also keep in mind some large hotels in various destinations now charge an additional resort fee which you will need to pay in advance or when you arrive at those hotels and resorts.

Travel Plans – We are also going to be giving your helpful hints and tips in regard sot getting the best deals on air fares and addition travel expense which will hopefully allow you to reduce the cost of travelling to and from your chosen holiday destination.

Plus, thanks to our price comparison feature you are always going to be able to take a step back and see what prices are being charged at a range of different holiday destinations for hotel rooms, villa and holiday resorts based on exactly what you are looking for form those properties and venues.

Places of Interest – One final thing to keep in mind if you do fancy taking a holiday on which you are going to want to get out and about and explore the local area is just what local attractions and places of interest there will be nearby to your chosen hotel or villa.

With that in mind we would suggest you spend some time looking at our individual town and city and country guides for you will find plenty of places of interest in each town and city we have covered in those guides and they will allow you to pre-plan a few excursions whilst you are away on holiday.

Just keep in mind to factor into an excursions you do decide to make any additional travel costs or entry fees to local places of interest, for whilst some will be free there may be some additional fees and charges or even local taxes to keep in mind when budgeting for your holiday.

With the costs involved in planning your holiday and vacation always changing, we look forward to you becoming a regular visitor to this website which is always kept fresh and up to date with a series of additional content, so please do keep on checking back no matter at what stage of planning your holiday away you are at.